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5 Books i read because of the movie

Let us be honest, behind most movies are really amazing books. At least that is my opinion, and sometimes i had to see the movie before i got the chance to read the book. Usually when we read a book and we’re hyped about the movie, eventually we get a little disappointed. But what happensContinue reading “5 Books i read because of the movie”

The Queen of nothing – Holly Black

I have something to say regarding this trilogy. I had the ”luck” to start the Cruel prince only a month before the Queen of nothing release. So with the previous books still fresh in my mind i waited for the book while making wild guesses how could the plot continue. So the moment that theContinue reading “The Queen of nothing – Holly Black”

the cruel prince – Holly Black

                                              The cruel prince (the folk of air book 1) Hello my fellow bookworms and welcome to the fantasy world of Holly Black! This is the first book of hers that I read and very quickly had me hooked for more. The story introduced us to the hidden world of Elfhame and its inhabitants bothContinue reading “the cruel prince – Holly Black”