The Queen of nothing – Holly Black

I have something to say regarding this trilogy. I had the ”luck” to start the Cruel prince only a month before the Queen of nothing release. So with the previous books still fresh in my mind i waited for the book while making wild guesses how could the plot continue.

So the moment that the book went online i started my journey once again, thirsty to know what happent to Jude and what was Cardan thinking when he banished her to the human world. It only took a few pages for me to wonder after rereading Cardan’s words, why didn’t she pardon herself? They were married after all, and let us be honest up until that point she was also the crown. So why? What was keeping her back?

And then Taryn arrives with news of her own, asking for Jude to clean the mess she made. Jude to the resque once again, where she has to impersonate her twin sister in order to save her life. Not long after that we see Jude become the badass girl we love, and the story starts to be really interesting.

But for me, the best part of the book was the moment she saw Cardan after her excile. Her fear of being discoved and killed, fighting with her feelings for him and the moment she realized he knew who she was. A meeting of two lovers interrupted by Madok “saving” her. Plots unravel and we learn Madok’s ultimate play for the throne, the prophesy about Cardan and the part Ghost played in the enemys plans.

Cardan’s change is what surprised me the most. From a merely drunk boy, he turned into a thoughtful King ready to be sacrificed for his subjects best interest. As the prophesy comes true Jude has to make a choice. Lose the man she loves and save the kingdom or let him live in captivity? Strangely enough Nicasia is the one helping her make a decision and thankfully is the correct one as Cardan rises as the one and True King of Elfhame.

Happy ending earned the hard way. I can’t i was dissapointed with the way the book ended. I really liked the characters growth and the way the story progressed. Will i read it again? Of course i will, after all when you read a book for the first time you only care for the ending, the real magic is rereading it and discover all the little things you missed the first time.

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